Who We Are


Welcome to the Cardiff Taff Vale Presbyterian Churches!

We are a group of five friendly local Churches in South Wales who share a common mission: to work together to display the love of Christ in our communities.

For us “church” is not just about being a religious organisation or meeting, it is about being part of a family, God’s family. We don’t do anything out of duty, but because we delight to in knowing God.

But we do love to get together as often as we can, especially on Sundays, in order to praise God and love and serve our neighbours. You’d be more than welcome to come along and join with us in! Feel free to check out the “What We Do” section for more info.

Our Mission Statement is that: “As churches we seek to Love God, Love Each Other and Love our Communities.”

By this we mean that for us church is not just about certain traditions or being a good person, it is about meeting God and experiencing his love. There are no qualifications or requirements one has to meet before they can come along – everyone is welcome! Church is a place for those whose lives are messy, broken and full of sin.

As churches we believe that being a Christian affects every aspect of your life, and not just for an hour on a Sunday. Therefore, we aim to live as true communities of God’s people and we try our best to care for one another by sharing our love, our lives and even our possessions with each other and whoever is in need.

Finally, our churches don’t just exist for their own benefit, but we exist to show God’s love to our community. We love to do this through by serving and blessing others however we can, but especially through sharing the good news of God’s grace and mercy.